Products 1 – 6 of 6 If you have biographical information of Bill Dekel please email us. We would like to add it here. Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause. MagicCN Store Air Writer by Bill Dekel and Simon Krause (Download) [ download] – Instant Download! Please give me your email when you buy this item. Air Writer Written by DekEl and Timon Krause Introduction I cannot begin So I gave it some thought and had some conversation with Bill and.

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I strongly suggest that you read it at the end of this book. Yulia Weinstein-Lavandiger raised this issue: He then asks his spectator to freely make exactly two changes to the word. Tell them to flip to any page, and memorize any word they like on the page. This is just another approach to the whole thing and they’ll be sure that you truly couldn’t see anything.

The Boutique for Mystery Performers www. There’s no way I can memorize all of that! Have them sit down if you successfully name a word that they had been thinking about. When you’re done, just keep you finger where you finished drawing and say ‘Done’. A basic version is in Psychological Subtleties 3, and a more defined one with outs is in Colin’s book ‘Contributions’. Your spectator writes a number and one letter of any thought of card in the air and you reveal what it is.

This covers the cases when someone might think Smiley Face, or Sailboat, or Man, instead of simpler words. First let me allow you to read the basic method for MMD: Special Offers View the range. Which ones should I remove? I’m glad that you really enjoyed the book.

The Influencer by Lewis Le Val video + PDF [mzge8gg2zq2g] – $ : 52magicdownloads

Air writing is an exciting development in mentalism and DekEl has not only set out the principle with great clarity but has shown its immense possibilities.

You thought of any word then changed the word into a word you never even knew you would think of. In English, this wouldn’t work, because you have languages like Spanish, and then ones like Chinese, Tibetan, etc.


This in itself opens the way to a huge number of possibilities, eg getting the spectator to think of one of a xekel of capital cities, country names, famous people, sports and activities. You can write a more detailed crib list on your hand, and be ready to go.

For example, if your spectator started their letter in the bottom right corner, and ended on the center left side, you would look to the box in the bottom right corner in the mirrored table or the bottom left one in the normal tableand then locate the letter in the center left of that box, the letter A. Of course it is a lot more impressive to reveal a thought of word, but the debate could go on Obviously, if you know the list dekeo latest after two letters will know what word the spectator is about to write.

Going the Distance A simple, straight forward book test, Going the Distance has one spectator think of a page number, and a second spectator flip to the page and read a word. Ask your spectator to think of a city, a number, and a fruit. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. No mathematical tricks, the process is entirely verbal. Use Arancione as the force word. vy

MindCraft: Psionics

It will just appear that much more impressive. Inn of the Ghosts. Write a number into the air and their card appears at that thought off number. Direct Mind Reading Example: The greater the risk the more reward.

I know that you are hungry, but would you be so kind as not to concentrate so hard upon that? Version 1 – Spectator is asked to think of a word, which is psychologically forced. Bending the Will, involve effects where you force your spectator to think of a predetermined word, card, number, etc.

Serendipitously, as I walked in, her partner was performance artist Natalie Zuckerman, and as they talked about fear of boring the audience, their verbal meanderings were very interesting, especially in this context.

I end with being able to say whether the spectator has thought of 0, 1, 2, or 3 coins bil his hand. Yet out of every eight contestants, only one would switch because of psychological pressure and the “intuition” that had led them to that door in the first place.

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Do me a favor and think of a simple noun. You simply select one letter, such as the first letter in the word, that’s very distinct in all of the words, and then have them write that letter in the air while you close your eyes. With intuition granted by the powers of the ring, your first spectator names the word the other spectator is merely thinking of.

Write your own review Frequently bought together with: If you don’t want to ask how many letters it is, you can just ask them to write the first letter in the air.

Version 3 – You have the spectator write their word on an index card as you do the same –just write nonsense, you’re going to pocket write in the end– and then peek at their word via your favorite method e. In reality, you can write anything of medium length. As you do so, with your left hand, push the back bottom third of the envelope to the front, so the card falls into it.

For example, if they say they see a bright green, it means that they are in a state where they have an enormous amount of energetic potential available to them.

Then use this writef from Ran: You instantly know what that number is, without reflections, assistants, or gimmicks. Or, maybe simply recap, sort of miscalling not mentioning vowels what actually deoel An obvious choice would be to perform a perfectly working and impromptu Thought Duel.

I then asked my spectator to think of one of the cards. Now hand the invisible book to your spectator and ask him or her to remember a word in it.