None makes the case better, I think, than Professor Antal Fekete (see his series of Monetary Economics lectures or Whither Gold). Antal’s work. See contact information and details about Antal E. Fekete. See more of Antal E. Fekete on Facebook. Log In. or . Awards. In his essay, “Whither Gold?. Professor Fekete was Consulting Professor at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, His essay ”Whither Gold?” won the first prize in the.

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Where Friedman Went Wrong. The Decoy of the Falling Dollar. The Revisionist Theory and History of Depressions.

The New Austrian School of Economics. Krugman’s Opium War On China. Fekefe in he received first prize in the essay contest of Bank Lips Ltd.

The Gold Standard Strikes Back. Dispersed gold godl latent power, far greater in scope than its nominal market valueas sound credit can be built only upon a gold base.

Architecture for a New World Financial System. And on the future of Gold: According to Fekete, the silver market being more volatile and narrower, once going into permanent backwardation, will function as an early warning system for the end of the fiat currency system. Previously, in the world’s most developed countries, money and hence credit feket tied to a positive value: Destruction of Capital, Economic Resonance, Hyperdeflation.


Contrarian Roundtable On Inflation. Is Aggregate Debt Excessive?

It is important for us to realize that every word of the doctrine on the sterility of gold is an outright lie. That Accursed Propensity to Save. Blowing Up Modern Austrian Economics Lysenkoism – American Style. Professor Fekete lives in Budapest, Hungary. Contrarian Roundtable on Central Bankers And gold. Basis Trading Fekete disputes the claims of “naked shorting” of precious metals markets.

Speculation is absent in Keynesian, Marxian, Walrasian and Austrian economic theory. Fiat Money In Death Throes. Forgotten Anniversary Haunts The Nation.

A Tale of Two Schools. During his associations with various universities and institutions he has done research and lectured on economics. When in South Africa celebrated the th anniversary of discovering gold in the Witwatersrand, at the conference Gold commemorating that event in Johannesburg Professor Fekete delivered the keynote address entitled Gold in the International Monetary System.

You Can’t Eat Gold. Lecture notes were published and students could consult free of charge through the Internet. More ominously, a movement to redistribute future losses is afoot.

Whither Gold | Zero Hedge

The Fekefe, Variations IV. Under the regime of irredeemable currency, interest is merely bribe-money, trying to persuade reluctant holders of irredeemable promises to hang on a while longer. Fekete was born on December 8,in Budapest, Hungary. The Gold Standard Institute. Fekete’s work is not accepted by Austrians of the Mises Institute, because he has identified important errors.

The rational basis upon which bond values rest was overthrown when gold-redeemability of the currency was abolished. Life-Saver for the U. Contribution on economic thought Fekete’s contribution to the development of qhither thought is his introduction of Speculation via fkeete Theory on the Formation and Origin of Interest, on Hoarding and on Speculation. Sections of this page. The scheme will allow the indolent, the inefficient, the inept, and the consistent loss-maker to continue in business indefinitely at the expense of the industrious, the efficient, and the profit-conscious.


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When Mises Went Wrong. With A Year Lag Part 2. Since Fekete’s work is not accepted by those Austrians there is the need to launch and expand the New Austrian School of Economics. Mainstream economic orthodoxy teaches that a depreciating currency is a boon to the country, and a valid tool in the hands of the government to increase competitiveness and thus to reduce or to eliminate the current account deficit.

Professor Fekete has several points of criticism against mainstream economics, the main being that equilibrium models are not fitting for a highly non-linear world.

Fiscal and monetary reform In Congressman William E. Gold Backwardation and the Collapse of the Tacoma Bridge.