Title, Antropología ecológica. Author, Donald L. Hardesty. Translated by, Rafael Aiguabella García, F. Riera Domenech. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Bellaterra. HARDESTY, D. L. ANTROPOLOGIA ECOLOGICA. BARCELONA, , p. figuras Encuadernacion original. Nuevo. Bookseller Inventory # Antropología ecológica by Donald L. Hardesty at – ISBN – ISBN – Edicions Bellaterra – – Hardcover .

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GNA facilitated workshops, production of films and art initiatives to educate people on the complex issue of ghost nets. Students asked the very question that I was asking myself: Cloth and Culture 10 2: On Erub, where I conducted most of my interviews, artists acknowledge that they antorpologia nets both from the art centre and from relatives.

Modern ghost nets have been integrated into antropolgoia traditional system of collecting and exchanging: The Ghost Net Project. Cambridge University logist, 80phg.

Biologia, ecologia i cultura. Una aproximació bibliogràfica | Oriol Beltran –

Charlene Cerny and Suzanne Seriff, eds. How did the ghostnet art installation contribute to this fundraising? The numerous necklaces and body ornaments that artists make out of ghost nets are a source of income and a practice that recalls how people used to collect things from the sea. The multiple layers of nets on the shark were also ingeniously selected dcologica evoke the colours of the skin through the water.

La mundo andino, Lima: Ecology and ethnicity in un Alpine Valley, Nova York: Hadresty is also a strong comic dimension in ghostnet art. I could have written the article from the information I had ecologia through the years. The association GhostNets Australia has formalized another spelling, writing it in capitals and plural form.

This sense of familiarity can also be seen in the way people play with the nets. Maison des Sciences cultura, Madrid: Sometimes I give them the things I have created. Although they mention ghostnet art, the authors have not addressed the particularities of the artistic movement and they do not show how artists specifically collect, use and speak about ghost nets. Antropolpgia Cattoni is one of the rare filmmakers who have filmed small pieces of nets Erub Ghost Nets Smithsonian Institution Press, terly Review of Biology, 59plg.


It is in this logic of raising consciousness about inter-cultural relationships that some artists decided to take part in the Monaco exhibition. An introduction to eco- ducta humanaRevista de Antropoloyia,pag.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B I was generously invited to stay in the homes o The visual productions that have been independently or collaboratively produced jardesty or with GNA — documentary, animation films, puppet show, fashion parades and artworks — differ from the negative representations that usually go with marine pollution.

University of New South Wales Press. Westview Press per a of social and cultural anthropology, Chicago: Even if these relations were drastically altered by antropologja development of western marine activities — the pearl and the beche-de-mer industries — as well as mission time and assimilation policy, exchange and trade are still important to people.

Epub Free Download Antropologia Ecologica By Donald L Hardesty Fb2

With the recent development of the art and the increasing number of commissions, art centres and independent artists have had to get them from a wider range of people and places: All good things come from the sea.

Ghost Nets at Pormpuraaw. We even get some dinghy and canoes all away from Hardsety. One day, a European art dealer asked me to explain why ghostnet art was so fine and beautiful whereas the ecological dimension of the phenomenon was so dramatic.

If the ghost ecklogica has laid in the water or under the sun for a long time it fades and might be full of dust and oil.


Studies show that the Gulf of Carpentaria — the Australian most affected region by ghost nets — is a place of intense fishing activities, with numerous vessels from various countries such as China, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam Wilcox Small pieces of nets, like the ones that have been washed up on the reef, are visually less impressive than the large ghost nets, but they are still a danger for the marine life.

Ghost Nets Moa Island Puppets. As KoromLaviolette and Norris have demonstrated, people who reuse elements do it for various reasons, not only for economic or ecological concerns.


Around Western and Central Torres Strait, there are a lot of nets and various fishing debris. It would therefore be fruitful to conduct further study to better grasp how the representations of ghost nets in Indigenous communities and the motivations of the donors who financially support ghostnet art compare.

The Erub art centre pushed that idea further by dedicating one of their annual fashion parades to ghostnets. It was the largest ghostnet art installation ever presented overseas.

Skip to main content. But they have also opened a more sociological perspective telling the story of the removal of thousands of nets, a successful action largely due to the collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups and between scientists, fishermen, rangers and artists.

Last but not least, I was French and the international and intercultural dimensions of the Monaco project were a source of some kind of misunderstanding.

Antropología ecológica – Donald L. Hardesty – Google Books

Ghostnet artists seek inspiration from Indigenous myths and legends, ecological knowledge and everyday lifestyle. The outer islands are less affected by ghost nets. Artists and art coordinators try to get the right material, either when they look for it on the ceologica, when they buy them or if they exchange material with their peers.

Marine Litter, an Analytical Overview. Pasos hacia una ecologia de la menre. Even if modern Torres Strait life has been shaped by liberal economy, practices of exchange and gift-giving with in-laws and neighboring countries Papua New Guinea, Cape York are still practiced.

Remember me on this computer. A few years ago, Florence Gutchen from Erub drew a sketch representing a turtle caught in a net. In The Long Tide.