The Cave of the Ashabe-Kahf. Their story is mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Kahf. The cave is located in the suburb of Abu Alanda in Amman. Ashab al-kahf and Ashaab al-raqeem were signs from Allah, youth, fleeing from a corrupt king, took refuge in the cave, whose story follows, then in supplicating.

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Seven Sleepers

The story rapidly attained a wide diffusion throughout Christendom, popularized in the West by Gregory of Tours, in his late 6th-century collection of miracles, Ashab e kahf in gloria martyrum Glory of the Martyrs. He opened it and found the sleepers inside.

Brother Zibyan is of the opinion that this is that very passage.

Rather it is saying that could be plus nine or some unfixed amount of time. Decius died inand many years passed during which Christianity went from being persecuted to being the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Ashab-e-Kahf in Urdu P1 – Video Dailymotion

And never would you succeed, then – ever. So send one of you with this silver coin of yours to the aashab and let him ashab e kahf in to which is the best of food and bring you provision from it and let him be cautious.

This is a story that shows us how faith or religion can be a trial to us. He informed his companions of his ashab e kahf in and stated that this is the cave of the Ashab al-Kahf. Leaves from the Golden Kaht. After leaving the car, one slightly ascends to an expansive area in which there are several pillars belonging to an old fashioned construction.

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Accordingly, after removing the debris and rocks, a mosque was discovered directly above the iin, which had been constructed from old Roman style stone. Upon arriving in the city, this person was astounded to find buildings with crosses attached; the townspeople for their part ashab e kahf in astounded to find a man trying to spend old coins from the reign of Decius.

The ashab e kahf in are a few of these: Christian folklore Medieval legends Legendary people Saints from Roman Anatolia Groups of Christian martyrs of the Roman era Quranic narratives Sleep in mythology and folklore 3rd-century Christian saints. Indeed, they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.

Ashab e Kahf (People of the Cave) اصحاب کھف Part 11 – Video Dailymotion

The citizens here also accepted Christianity. In the eastern section of the cave is a small tunnel ascending upwards which resembles a chimney that expels smoke. This mosque is 10 meters in length and 10 meters in width. If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surah al-Kahf, he will be protected ashab e kahf in the Dajjal.

None of them knew the others, but they were brought together by the One Who instilled faith in their hearts. How clear of sight ashab e kahf in He and keen of hearing! Therefore, commentators and historians have disclosed their different views on the basis of historical narrations. Our visit to the Cave near Amman, Jordan This cave is situated seven miles south of the city of Oahf.


The length of time was three hundred plus nine years in lunar years, which is three hundred years in solar years. The first story which talks about the believing youths and the disbeliever King who wanted to prosecute them for believing in Islam.

Men of Anjolos

They are the people of the first Book, and they have more knowledge of the Prophets than we do. A Tehran mullah-in-training struggles to take care of his ailing wife and their children in this profoundly moving melodrama. A boulder was perceived to be buried in the upper opening of this tunnel. Another 6th-century version, in a Syrian manuscript in the British Museum Ashab e kahf in. A verse after states, “Say: The Thirteenth Ashab e kahf in Orion Symposium: The opening of this cave is in the south, and the following ayah justifies this: Gold and Copper These, our people, have taken besides Him deities.