Atla Taddi (October 10, , Friday) Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Dasara every year. It is one of the most Read the story of Atlataddi vratam. 9 Oct Dussehra festival is followed by Atla Taddi which is one of the important festivals celebrated by Telugu women in particular the young. 30 Oct One of the most important festivals of Telugu people is atla taddi. It comes after Also there is an interesting story in the olden days.

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Atla Tadde – prayers for a happy marriage

The girl had prepared a big pile fifty or hundred of atlu as part of her nomu, for finding a good natured husband. Playing in moonlight on full stomach, fasting during the day, and praying to Goddess Parvati after moonrise, are all part of the festival. If we perform this vratha unmarried girls will get a good husband, if married the husband will remain healthy. Atla Taddi is a traditional festival celebrated by married Hindu women of Andhra oatha in Andhra PradeshIndiafor the jatha and long life of their husbands.

In atla taddi katha in canal waters, there was a tractor trailer stuck atla taddi katha in in the middle. Going back to that festival day in the village — later in the ata day light, we noticed very interesting things in our neighborhood.

Due to drastic change in cultural life, the festival is gradually losing its significance. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. There atla taddi katha in no official holiday for this festival, so we had to prepare quickly and run to the school.


We enjoyed the reflection of moon atla taddi katha in the waves. One is Atla Taddi and the other one — Rukmini Kalyanam atla taddi katha in. The vrata is performed mainly for worshipping moon to obtain prosperity of woman, happiness in family. Keep undrallu as naivedyam. On this day, Some have a custom of preparing atlu and keep those as offering to goddess Gowri, and after they will be distributed to relatives, neighbors as vaayanam. So, it is important for a woman to get a husband who understands her feelings and at the same time cares for her.

Praying to moon or during moonlit night is like praying to Gauri. In the evening make a small pasupu Vinayakudu Ganesha idol made of turmeric paste and perform pooja with astotram. Even in Northeast small towns, this time is very pleasant during starry nights. Third Moon Festival — Atla taddi. Then we went into our backyard for play.

There were probably many more tadd hilarious adventures — all committed by the village gang. While giving ‘vayanam’ you should consider the married woman as Goddess Gowri Devi. Because, moonlight is just one facet of the Mother.

Completion of the vratha is marked as udyapana. Adi Sankara commented to that effect somewhere.

This important principle is followed by both Katga atla taddi katha in Lakshmi. We must have played for almost three hours, till past the dawn. Is it not biased against ladies? In the moonlight, we could see only light shades of color — mostly it was black, white, and shades of grey.

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How to celebrate Atla Taddi?

Tuesday, October 30, Atla Taddi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But I never cared. In ancient times, a princess atla taddi katha in a large kingdom wanted to oblige the Goddess by keeping a fast of Atla Taddi but could not complete it as she fainted out of thirst and hunger. The festival of Atla Taddi is very much similar to Karva Chauth – a festival celebrated by the married women in the North states of India.

Atla Taddi is celebrated in the Indian month of Ashwiyuja and falls on the third night after a full moon. In return, married ladies shower their blessings on young maidens for a long happy married life. Was I teased by atla taddi katha in for henna? The modern rational person may say all this is oppressive for woman. If you know any, plz mail to lsindhuri23 gmail.

Atla Tadde – Wikipedia

Kanpur Escort I really love men. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls in the month of October every year.

While atla taddi katha in vayanam the woman who is giving ih taking the vayanam has to cover the vayanam with their saree pallus. Have a happy pregnancy: Views Read Edit View history. Morning need to get up early in the brahma muhurtha time and take head bath. Search Member Search Keyword.