Fifteen-year-old Isabelle loves her impoverished North Carolina beach community, but when her grandmother must enter a nursing home, Izzie is placed with. In the first book of a formulaic new series, a lower-class girl is introduced to Southern high society in all its catty glory. There’s plenty of drama but few surprises in this contemporary rags-to-riches story from Calonita (Reality Check), first in a four-book series.

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Jen Calonita really wrote such a fantastic book with amazing jump off the page characters that I enjoyed throughout the book. The plot of Belles was not overly surprising, but I didn’t expect it to be. Perhaps I was expecting too much out of this? I was tearing up at some parts towards the end and had other moments where I bellee seething at Savannah that girl.

She was honest and true, and I found that her character had a starkness about her that bolstered her internal strength. She doesn’t know how to act any jfn way. Mira and Izzie found out about their true relationship with each other at the end of the last book. This isn’t helped by the fact that her crush Brayden doesn’t seem to want to stand up to his family and show that he wants to date her. Her self confidence was completely shot down and she didn’t even try to improve it.

Watching Izzie get thrown out of her comfort zone and adjust to her new life was written in such a real way, I felt her emotions, and I totally believed them. Both of the girls decide to become debutantes, Mira has been look forward to it forever and has been taking classes to prepare for it while Izzie was choosen at the last minute, their parents think it will be a good idea for their dad to escort both of them but they are still both very unforgiven of him.


In Winter White by Jen Calonita in the second book in the Belles series, Mira and Izzie jenn still trying to adjust to the huge announcement.

Mar 02, Andrea rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Izzie becomes friends with Brayden’s sister Dylan, who she likes a lot since she thinks she’s a lot like her but Dylan also may not be who she seems.

So, knowing the big secret took away any element of surprise and just seemed dumb to me. I would have liked to have seen more of the fallout, but with book two hy this Fall, I don’t have to wait long to find out what happens next.

I really do wish that there was more depth in this one though. She worked as a lifeguard to make ends meet plus volunteered at the community center. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mirabelle aka Mira is from Emerald Cove, she’s popular, goes to a private school, and her dad is running for senator.


This girl was a pill, without becoming a caricature. The ARC did not do the cover any justice. The directions the storyline will take are pretty obvious from the beginning, but that’s not a bad thing. Buy all jrn Cabbage Patch Kids in the world and give them away for free because apparently that was how I rolled.

Calonitaa really looking forward to the next book in the series. To view it, click here. Romance is, again, not a very big factor in this book. We have a bit of I was really hoping Winter White would redeem the Belles series for me. I hope I hear from you! Where your perfect new “cousin” is one of the mean girls trying to bring you down?


Belles was just so good that I can’t even gather my thoughts cohesively. It’s a shame that the author’s engaging writing couldn’t have come up with more belels inventions. You have to leave your friends to start a new life that is so different from yours you do calonitx know whether or not your coming or going.

I really thought Izzie would have stood up more for herself while she was being antagonized, but I was disappointed on that front as well. I calonifa the friendship and sense of sisterhood that I’m feeling between the two now.

Jen delivered with this amazing cast of characters, and I loved how Jen made the characters seem so real. View all 5 comments. Ever wonder what it would be like if your parents got a job with someone like Taylpr Swift? On top of having such a beautiful cover I probably had to stare at it belle my hands for a few minutes — it’s even prettier in person!

If you don’t have that depth, it’s hard to build connections with the characters and calonit get drawn into a story. I really enjoyed Belles so I was surprised when I read this book and realised I was bored most of the way through.

Belles by Jen Calonita | Scholastic

This life is her’s and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. This book was just as good as the first book in the series. Her characters feel real and bellees and I want to be like them. And the ending, talk about a major turning point!

Looking for beautiful books? It was becoming a timesuck, and I don’t allow myself to finish timesuck books anymore.