Review of Kelle Hampton’s memoir, “Bloom” by Meriah Nichols, deaf mother of a child with Down syndrome. There is us. Our Family. We will hold our precious gift and know that we are lucky From the outside looking in, Kelle Hampton had the. BLOOM. Finding Beauty in the Unexpected–a Memoir. by Kelle Hampton Photographer writer Hampton is the author of a popular blog.

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As the parent of hampfon child with a disability, it’s hard to see your child put herself out there, to try to play soccer or to go on a school field trip and see it not work out like it I identify with the difficulty of accepting that your child has a disability.

There are quite a few religious based supports in my area and I have never chosen to attend any of their outreach programs or take advantage of the trainings and respites, simply as they are based out of an evangelical church.

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected–A Memoir

There was a problem adding your email address. To me, this is such a hopeful story and one that makes you smile through the tears. Lists with This Book. An advocate for individuals with Down syndrome, Kelle has been honor Writer and photographer Kelle Hampton chronicles the simple joys of motherhood and daily life on her popular blog, Enjoying the Small Things. There is something that strikes as either phony or a huge oversight: The book features full-color photos throughout, and there was much beauty in the photos and the words, much to find inspiring.


I lived in Fort Myers for a while, and I would describ I expected this book to be a memoir about what it is like to raise a special-needs child. You grieve not because of the child that isn’t, but because it is difficult for any parent to look at their awesome child and see them struggle.


First my feelings on Kelle prior to reading this book, I follow her blog and have for quite a while, I find her to be likeable but sometimes over the top and too much. I klele help but wonder how Kelle would have handled a baby who needed oxygen, who needed a feeding tube, etc. As much as I agree with both the high and the low raters of this book, I’m choosing to remain in the middle. And to top it off, she has this incredibly sunny outlook on everything. I started and finished the book today and really enjoyed the story of Kelle’s first year with Nelle.

I appreciate her raw, aching hajpton, as so many times in life, you’re expected to smile and be politically correct. But it’s filled with grace.

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected–A Memoir by Kelle Hampton

And where can I get such a close group of 30 girlfriends?!? A mother’s optimistic account of the first year of life with her daughter, Nella, who was born with Down syndrome. What’s that expression, “Show, don’t tell? I have to say I was disappointed when I realized that this book was written by the same author as the over- the-top birth blog I have seen on the internet in the past, and included even more of the staged, professionally shot yet supposedly candid photos of the entire birth experience.

hamptln Frankly, Kelle has had a tremendously easy experience compared to many of us. I lived in Fort Myers for a while, and I would describe the culture there as fairly shallow.

I hated this book. I wanted to love this book, but I just didn’t. And my dad and my mom and my family-my past, present, and future with Nella, what the world may view as broken or damaged-have taught me what true beauty really is. Well, this touched me very kekle, and I felt like I had my face pressed to the glass of what our lives could’ve looked like had everything been different.

The concept of perfection is not flawless or ripped from a magazine. Want to Read saving…. I can imagine it making newly diagnosed families feel badly that they don;t have a “net” or a personal photographers at their beck and call.

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Then they can whine together. The book rehashes the diagnosis and aftermath, and while that’s interesting, it’s not enough to fill almost pages.

This is no road map for parents facing a diagonals of Down syndrome. I really, really wanted to hear the author’s plans for parenting her newborn child who had down syndrome – her hopes and dreams for her.

BLOOM by Kelle Hampton | Kirkus Reviews

View all 7 comments. Hampton is a blogger, writer, photographer — all talents immediately evident at her blog, Enjoying the Small Things. The book helped blooom in a lot of gaps that the blog didn’t cover – like Kelle’s childhood, her experiences as a teacher, and how she met her husband. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

I loved her for it. And I appreciate her Kelle Hampton is presented with the remarkable gift of parenting a child with Down Syndrome, yet from the moment Nella is born it is all about appearances and hamptoj perfect world. I worked extensively with down syndrome children in college, and they are some of the most loving, happy, beautiful children on the earth. As a parent of a child with autism not definitively diagnosed until she was 14 years old, although we have been “in the system” since she was 3I was initially put off by the grief and despair that Kelle expresses upon learning her daughter is “imperfect.

Inthe year-old author and her husband, Brett, already parents of a two-year-old girl, Lainey, welcomed their second daughter, Nella.

Happiness with all itsmessiness and not-quite-thereness.