Daniel Tammet has been working with scientists to understand the implications ‘You close BORN ON A BLUE DAY with a sense of profound. Born on a Blue Day. A Memoir of Asperger’s and an Extraordinary Mind. Daniel Tammet First published in Great Britain in by Hodder. Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant, a Memoir. Daniel Tammet, Author. Free Press $24 (p) ISBN.

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As he discusses gro Daniel Tammet first became known to the world for such feats as setting the world record for memorizing the most digits of PI 22, and learning to speak Icelandic in a week.

What is particularly unusual about this man is that he has learned to handle his “abnormalitie Most of us have some vague idea of what it means to be autistic, or diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Born on a Blue Day: I quite enjoyed reading this book, and learning of this remarkable personality.

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant by Daniel Tammet

Hodder Paperbacks Wiffle Lever to Full! He has a stunningly brilliant mind for numbers – he visualizes them as shapes and colors – and can perform incredibly complex mathematical tasks in his mind in seconds by merging the shapes. Still, I am left with question after question after question.

They lived in KentEngland, where they had a quiet life at home with their cats, preparing meals from their garden. Mar 25, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: But I found myself wondering how much was actually written by the author.


He learned to force himself to look people in the eyes when speaking, and not at the floor. He simply decided to get out of blye house and applied to be sent to Lithuania to help people there learn English.

He is able to do the most amazing feats with numbers. He didn’t care that they teased him or tried to embarrass him. Useful Links Contact Legal. Ironically, it was easier for me to relate to this character than many other “normal” characters I read about. Both became full-time parents. I found it interesting how he described the inner workings of his visual mind, learned the 22 numbers of pi and how he has worked hard to overcome his drawbacks.

Unfortunately, this look at the day to day experiences of a person with Aspergers just wasn’t all that interesting to me. I thought it was admirable that instead of just staying the way he was and writing off his lack of social abilities to his Autism, he genuinely worked very hard at becoming a more social person and developing real relationships with people.

Oct 07, Lindsay rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Want to Read saving…. He matriculated danidl and completed his Advanced level studies in French, German, and History two years later.

Interesting to read a little about it but boring when it went on and on. This book is also a great introduction into neuroscience, I imagine? An incredible journey no doubt. I have a student this year who has had one big meltdown and one that could have escalated but I quickly intervened and was able to calm him.

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant, a Memoir

Leading Alex Ferguson with Michael Moritz. When they left the next day, the dog followed. It is, as promised, a glimpse into an “extraordinary mind,” but it’s not just all the things the author says about his experiences the time he recited the digits of pi for a record setting length, the time he first overcame significant fear to fly on a plane, when he become public speaker counseling others on the minds danirl savants there’s also the wa How interesting, this book works in daneil number of ways, and fails in a few others.


I also ttammet like I have to answer the reviewer below who called Tammet a sociopath. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Can we predict the future? Archived from the original on 20 January A percentage of all royalties will go to charity.

Daniel Tammet

He was socially withdrawn and preferred his own company. Three stars – which means I liked it. The fact that these anxious bodn are hard for me to overcome, whereas his are probably much worse and that he has persevered and done so much in spite of them is extraordinary to me.

Several Goodreads reviewers comment on his writing style and overly descriptive passages. Daniiel recounts these trials in limpid prose which clarifies obscurities.

He I’ve seen publicity of this book and have wanted to read it. Create An Account Why Join?