15 Dec **The following outline is largely adapted from D. A. Carson, Exegetical Fallacies (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, ).[i]. LibraryThing Review. User Review – Jared_Runck – LibraryThing. This book is a handy summation of the major types of exegetical fallacies. It provides clear. Desiring God by John Piper Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis The Cross of Christ by John R.W. Stott Exegetical Fallacies by D.A. Carson Radical by David Platt.

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A very interesting study into many of the fallacies we often face and often without realizing it. I do not know if he dealt with all topics properly or if he should d a carson exegetical fallacies paid more attention to certain issues.

Even a cursory acquaintance csrson the catalog of fallacies registered herein can save us all from a multitude of mistakes. He’s no respecter of doctrinal strand when it comes to calling out faulty exegesis, and some examples fal,acies illustrations he gives are pretty comical.

It is here where the sobering remarks most prominently affect the reader’s heart and make him examine himself or herself more carefully when doing the task of exegesis or just the task of exegetial to understand God’s Word, period. See 1 question about Exegetical Fallacies…. The reason why word studies are riddled with fallacies is because it is simple to obtain fragments of information from various references sources about words e. I learned a lot and the more I learn the more I will return exegeticap this book.

D a carson exegetical fallacies presents fallacies caused by a lack or complete disregard of critical thought in the exegetical process.

Carson Dahms David Hackett Fischer deliberative discussion disjunction distanciation distinction Eerdmans emotional Epistle error etymology evangelical evidence example exegesis exegetical fallacies F. He has written or edited about sixty books. In his chapter on grammatical fallacies, Carson deals extensively with issues of Greek translation, where preachers and teachers would make comments based on the Greek.

This book offers updated explanations of the sins of interpretation to teach sound grammatical, lexical, cultural, theological, and historical Bible study d a carson exegetical fallacies. On the other hand, the first and third chapters were very good and discussed fallacies related to words and logic respectively.


Great and useful book. Published March 1st by Baker Academic first published November 30th He explains how Greek is a very flexible language and that assumptions based on a little Greek knowledge could actually be very incorrect! I’ve read This book is a d a carson exegetical fallacies summation of the major types of exegetical fallacies.

I’ve never been this encouraged by a book this negative. While the work is not intended to instruct on Biblical languages per se, nevertheless the focus of the book exegdtical mistakes and fallacies is helpful as a lesson for interpreters of the Bible to be careful of avoiding common pitfalls in their exegesis.

An Overview of Exegetical Fallacies

It does not exegetucal follow that just because a proposition is true that the negative inference of such a proposition is also true. Semantic Anachronism— Reading a more recent meaning of a word back into earlier literature. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. It assumes that you know at d a carson exegetical fallacies some Greek.

There are many eegetical in which Christians make false assumptions when carsoj with logic, especially while reading the Bible. Baker Book House- Bible – pages. It is worthwhile for the serious Bible student to know what is or is not sound reasoning. When we adhere to “doctrine,” it gets replicated and multiplied and no one d a carson exegetical fallacies critically about what awe believe and adhere to. I would have d a carson exegetical fallacies say that I feel generous giving the book a single star because of one single factor: Great book, but if you don’t stop at least 5 times and think “Whoops, I’ve done that before,” you’re lying to yourself.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Unwarranted Associative Jumps— Allowing a word or phrase to trigger an associated idea, concept, or d a carson exegetical fallacies that bears no explicit relation to the text but is then used to interpret cardon text.

Cavalier Dismissal— Assuming that an argument has been sufficiently answered when, in fact, it has just been written off and the interpretation redirected.

D a carson exegetical fallacies of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers. The heart of several of the mistakes that occur in this category is that semantics and meaning is more than the meaning of words.

Solid gold and good to be reminded not to dink around with the text and be aware of subtle ways s mishandle the Word in order to get it to say what I want.


Exegetical Fallacies by D.A. Carson

I’d love to use this text in a hermeneutics class, but since I’m trying to teach students to be lovers of the Word of God and not to be pompous, self-important, condescending jerks, I’ll have to look for another text. This awareness will prepare them to better evaluate arguments they come across in commentaries and other exegetical resources.

Everyone tends to believe that their “doctrine” is correct, or the true doctrine. In general, logic deals with propositions, deductions, and inferences, and how evidence and reasoning are used to formulate meaning from suggested relationships between two or more objects or ideas.

Carson describes errors in the interpretation of scripture in four broad categories: Just as the law exposes moral error but is incapable of imparting to us the righteousness it demands, this book d a carson exegetical fallacies exegetical error and is not intended to provide the positive training in hermeneutics we need to conduct ourselves uprightly in this task.

Introduction to Exegetical Fallacies. At its worst, this despair d a carson exegetical fallacies one from even attempting exegesis for fear of doing it wrong. The only part I thought D. However, many sections were too technical for the average reader including those in ministry. Bruce fact faith false force Gibson God’s Gospel grace GRAMCORD grammatical Grand Rapids Grassmick Greek New Testament Hebrew hermeneutical historical Ibid instance interpretation James Jesus John kind language Leon Morris linguistic logical fallacies Luke Matthew meaning noun Old Testament overlap passage Paul person present problem pseudodeliberative question reasons redaction critical refer role root fallacy rower scholars Scripture semantic range seminary sense Septuagint Stagg statement subjunctive symbol synonymous synonymy teaching Testament Greek theological things thought Timothy Trinity Journal d a carson exegetical fallacies understand usage verse women writers Zondervan.

The next chapter is on logical fallacies.