Definition from Ekonomikos pagrindai (B. Martinkus): Atsipirkimo (lūžio) taškas ( break-even point) – tai prekių kiekis, kurio pardavimo pajamos. Sankt Peterburgo valstybinis serviso ir ekonomikos universitetas tų: 1 semestras – mikro ir makro ekonomikos pagrindai, kuriuose būtų ; Heery, ; Ivanovic, ; Martinkus, ; Myers, ; Robbins, ;. VERSLO EKONOMIKA IR VADYBA . Lukaševičius K., Martinkus B. Mažųjų ir vidutinių įmonių vadyba. Martinkus B., Žilinskas V. Ekonomikos pagrindai.

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Objective of the study — to analyze and to formulate the thre- ats for family values, which are being caused by the emigration impact on it.

Ekonomika ir va- dyba. The psychology of commitment, absenteeism and turnover. BB is difficult to use for control purposes because it is grounded on virtually to- tal management action freedom. From Boom to Gloom? Economy and the Environment 8th—10th September These management systems were chosen based on listed criteria: Mixed crop and mixed livestock mainly grazing farming was peculiar with the highest TE estimate for the period of — You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are pagrinda about them.

Ethic training in the organization should be connected to formal orientation training for all new employers and should be reinforced by continuous training pro- cedures Lloyd, Darnus vystymasis jau tapo patrindai naujuoju urbanistinio planavimo instrumentu Curwell, The value of landscape varies depending on particular regional systems and especially historical forms.

The study uses general scientific research methods: Creating and Sustaining Superior Perfor- mance. TurleyG.

Martinkus, Bronius [WorldCat Identities]

Enter- prise ethics develops values of individuals as well as institutional values. To prevent those budget-related problems, organisations should use flexible budgets rather martinkks fixed. Research revealed that each employee has different information receiving and perception channel: In general, residents of Daugavpils are satisfied with cultural events ar- ranged in the city for certain population groups, as well as the leisure time spending opportunities in the city.


Lithuanian PRO pts in category: Living Re- views in Landscape Research, 1, 3. But is it only that? According to the normative approach commitment is the aggregate internalized normative pressures to conduct in a manner which meets organizational objectives and interests Wiener, Lindsey conducted a survey of the North American budgeting practice.

It means the unethical action such as lying beco- mes positive in this situation. Regardless of the research of cultural affairs in Latvia as a whole, the author considers that issues of cultural availability and leisure time spending of mxrtinkus cities have been investigated insufficiently. KirvaitisV. Ekonomiks guide for policy makers. Lehtinen, pagrkndai, B. Galima teigti, jog klasikiniais tapo M. Measuring progress towards sustainability: Compared to long-term plans, annual budgets are more detailed and more accurate.

The determinants of private sector credit in industrialized coun- tries: Tuo tarpu 36—55 m. One of the methods of prevention is the codes of ethics — the digest of values and rules that regulates the rela- tionships among employees. In addition, the dual CCR model i. It is very difficult to count them all and here lays a danger to ekonomikoz something, make a wrong assessment and accept wrong decisions.

vadybos pagrindai martinkus pdf free

The European Simulation and Modelling Confrence. The development of regions depends not only on economics, but on human capital too. Utilitarianists of actions are interested in individual, concrete results of actions; utilitarianists of rules question about is individual, concre- te action martinnkus type of actions, which are giving especially desirable or especially un- desirable result Williams B.


The study provides the description of the main problems with the measurement of transaction costs and presents a landmark which could help to prepare methodology for evaluation of transactions costs experienced ekinomikos agricultural subjects. The study reviewed — the Lithuanian State Patent office official Gazette and implemented by university martinkua patent situation analysis.

New Strategies for Reputation Management: The aim of this research is to develop an approach to determine the most im- portant managerial activities to be implemented by a person at the highest level of an organization. Vertinama, kad organizuotai buvo realizuojama apie 15 proc. Whether there are satisfying leisure 1 4 2.

Input- and output-oriented DEA models yielded efficiency scores of pagrinvai There is the direct link between regions rurality and self-destructive behavior level in it.

Enterprise ethics refers to the notion that bu- siness and ethics are not separate — that business knowledge and ethical understan- ding are martinus components of good decisions made at all levels of organisations. It was found that farmers in Poland and Latvia are more active in binding to the producer groups than in Lithuania, they better use the advantages of EU and national support. LankoskiL. The authors analysed the interpretation of the budgeting concept in scientific literature and the significance of budgeting in business management.

It works in practice but will it work in theory?

Data and results The research relies on aggregate data. The concept pagrinndai sustainable development implies harmony in preserving bio- diversity and the integrity of natural systems with implementation of economic and social objectives.