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Of dfesa the author has his biases. The book is a worthwhile read for someone interested in hearing a rebuttal to some of the frequent criticisms levied against Israel. For examplehe outlines how the Palestinian strategy of deliberately targeting Israeli womenchildren and the elderly cannot be compared to the Israeli policy of strictly targeting combatantseven though Arab civillians may sometimes be killed in the crossfire, often because ds are deliberately used as human shields by the Palestinian terrorists.

The Case for Israel

Dershowitz was the appellate advisor for the defense in the criminal trial defesq O. The main reason is, even though I found it sloppy at times, this view of the case absolutely needs to be made. To say nothing of the fact that among his Im about 7 chapters into and none have been slightly convincing.

With regard ala the ridiculous ddfesa that Israel is a racist stateDershowitz points out: How spurious is the repetition of statistics that more Palestinians than Israelis have been killed in the recent warwhen an analysis of the facts reveals that the majority of Arabs killed and injured have been armed combatants and the number of Israeli women and children killed and injured is well in excess of the number of Palestinian women and children killed and injured-as many as three times more according to one study.

You are on the side of those who supported Hitler’s Holocaust israeel, and now deny that it occured. Feb 17, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: Dershowitz defends Israel, as one would in an international court, against 32 ‘charges’ against it, and does so convincingly simply by conveying historial facts and figures. Jun 03, Soviet Jewry Freedom Award. Harvard Law School Professor of Law. The problem is that for each argument Dershowitz tends to respond with the same set of 5 or so responses, which do not always ed answer the anti-israeli point.

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As such, dsrshowitz is no surprise that the author believes Israel and its actions can and should be defended. Moroever the nations that are opressing these other underdog groups-ChinaTurkey and Russiaare far more powerful than tiny tiny Israelwith the population of approximately 5. Simpson, and his first novel, timspalding.

Apr 18, Michelle rated it really liked it. Dershowitz cites his sources and presents a compelling case for the existence and continuation of the state of Israel.

Em Defesa de Israel Pdf Download

Each chapter purports to be a self-contained presentation of a claim and refution of that claim; unfortunately many chapters fail to form arguments I was able to make sense of. It seems to me that criticism of Israel like criticism of the U.

The writer of this book explains that is deception to claim that anti-Israel hatred is not anti-Semitism. Return to Book Page. What I did not know was that peace has been offered many times by the Israelis is exchange for the West Bank and Gaza, which, in my opinion, overshadows the settlements which could be avoided.

Become a LibraryThing Author. No trivia or quizzes yet. My disagreements with Dershowitz are all pretty mild: The monstrous and inhumane Arabs that call themselves ‘Palestinians’ usually target women and children, and are supported today in their unfathomable cruelty, by those who claim to be ‘progressive’ and ‘humane’.

If tragedy where once again to befall the Jewish peopleor the Jewish nation in which more than 5 million mmake their home.

Em Defesa de Israel | Pdfwhiz org Ebooks :

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There were some cefesa against Israel that even I thought were true, but turned out to be over shadowed by Palestinian and Arab actions. Dershowitz is a mainstream liberal and not an egghead like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finklestein.

Charlie RoseTuesday, November 29, Sep 09, Ted rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Substantively, Dershowitz fills the book with facts for dershwoitz he provides citations. Douglas First Amendment Award It is rude behavior. The real question for everyone is: I’ll admit he’s biased, but he is less manipulative and less of an opportunist compared to Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said and israrl hipster-pandering, “academic” charlatans.


Boston Book FestivalSaturday, October 19, at unknown time.

At times I think he tends to be not hawkish enough given his arguments. Until then, there will be no peace in the Middle East, I’m afraid.

Alan M. Dershowitz | LibraryThing

Is it too much to hope that if enough of us try to outline the truth, another great and callous injustice against the Jews can be prevented, 60 years after Hitler’s holocaust? Sep 01, Amber rated it liked it. Mar 06, Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: I am still not one hundred percent certain I understand enough to firmly state my position, but at this point it seems to me that a sincere solution must be pragmatic.

Thus Dershowitz might agree with some many of Hawking’s criticisms of individual policies; but Dershowitz’s analysis would cast serious doubt on Hawking’s decision to boycott Israel due to its human rights record, while visiting China in Tibet? Webster Introduction, some editions 5 copies Reversal of Fortune [ film] Original book 4 copies.

This book put the Israel-Palestinian conflict into perspective and has helped me not only become more educated on the issue, but also remain educated on it. Feb 02, Brad keil rated it really liked it. This is cultural relativism bordering on racism. To just say something is biased, or that “they’re both wrong” without offering a reasonable argument as to why, just sounds rather elementary and doesn’t really benefit anyone.

Also, I’m not sure Usrael Morris qualifies as one of the fiercest critics of Israel. There has been no addressing of the war crimes committed by Sharon, nor the flagrant violations of UN mandate that have made Israel one of the top three international violators of UN mandate, with the other two being the US and Iraq pre-March There are derrshowitz discussion topics on this book yet.

One of the best things I have read sirael the subject.