Axiomatico by Greg Egan, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Axiomatico (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Greg Egan ; ; Science fiction, Genre fiction, Fiction, Books. Publication: Axiomático Publication Record # ; Author: Greg Egan; Date: El asesino infinito • short story by Greg Egan (trans. of The Infinite Assassin.

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The ideas explored here aren’t novel, but they are taken to such an extreme that it’s hard to enjoy the book as a story instead of a thought experiment. If this can be controlled, the possibilities are unlimited — pursuing personal profit, improving the lot of society, or perhaps something much more radical.

And there are no formulae in this one, unlike the Orthogonal books. Then it g I saw this book in my recommendations on Scribd. The first, The Safe-Deposit Box, involves a man who has been suffering through continuous metempsychosis ever since childhood, his consciousness jumping from body to body so that he wakes up every day in a new body. Feb 26, Pablo Bueno rated it really liked it.

For those xxiomatico are more interested in the story line, it slowed dramatically at that point, and I could have done with less of that. The only problem I had is that too much of the story ended up devolving into theory related to that angle.


Greg Egan, el hombre de las ideas. It’s one of those instances where the plain, unadorned style of the typical science fiction author is perfectly appropriate, and though the actual sci-fi part of the story is brief and totally overshadowed by the main character’s description of the ever-changing but inescapable prison of his life, I think it’s one of the most interesting short stories I’ve read in a while. axiomatio

The science and technology aren’t an obstacle, but it is better suited to slowly reading and digesting. Egan’s characters’ choices sometimes seem arbitrary and their motivations are not always explained, but then most living people strike me that way, too.


What’s the actual story about? In the future, you can download your brain to egaan online, and that’s a big business. Most of these scenarios have been written before but, of course, Egan gives them a twist you won’t see coming. Egan’s stories lack much of the wonder and awe I enjoy in reading about the possible future, but they are probably more believable for all that.

This has to do with the ability to collapse universes that have spawned as part of all the billions of possibilities that could happen with every choice that someone makes. The book begins as an SF detective mystery, but transitions to a story about trying to understand egaan ramifications of the observer effect and controlling it.

At the beginning of it the descriptions are drawing strongly and high technology is written in detail. Maybe this was a mistake. Did egaj somehow escape?

Notes on the Audible Studios version: It axiomatjco when the main threads are just being brought to a head.

To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. Readers who can experience the bizarre consequences of Egan’s interpretation of quantum physics as magic – and can flow with the magic making its rules as it goes along – will find a unique and incredible landscape.

What are the limits of art? Mar 24, Roy rated it it was amazing. I’ve only read some of this guy’s stuff online, and once his short fiction appears in affordable versions i will snap it up.

The biologically-leaning stories were the easiest to comprehend for me, as I have tertiary biological education. Ok, that was cool, even though the idea of never seeing the stars again would be daunting and depressing. Sweeping misunderstandings of quantum mechanics usually make me crazy, and I follow medical physics professionally, so I can tell you there is no evidence of this alleged brain function.

Feb 17, Roy grreg it really liked it. It is probably the most a book not just a scifi book has made me philosophise in a long time.


But it necessarily slows down the plot, too. And then there’s the whole utilizing a myriad of “selves” to solve a really problem and then collapsing them into one entity “you,” for some iteration of YOU to continue and to use the solution. Egan posits eyan wave collapse can be controlled by human brain function, taking the Copenhagen interpretation to some interesting consequences. But at the end of story is boring Jan 25, David rated it it was ok Shelves: Add a world where Arnhem Land has become an autonomous nation and offered part of its land to become New Hong Kong.

I’v The story revolves around the concept of the “observer effect” in quantum physics the idea that what occurs in the world is based on multiple possible variants each of which exists simultaneously until some sort of “observation” causes a single version to become the only reality.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dick but with much better characters and dialogue. Add the ability to mod your brain turn off boredom, modulate emotions, change memories and attachments.

Axiomatico : Greg Egan :

Surprisingly, I thought he soldiered through the technical parts fairly well, though they inevitably sounded like a textbook at times. The author had one Big Idea one you would expect from a stoned freshman physics major and tried to build a book around it. But one thing is for grev — now there is the universe, and the earth.

Would there be any objective reality anymore? The pace of Quarantine was such that I burned through it in axiomxtico time.