The Halti head collar is designed to help prevent your dog from pulling while walking. It’s a training Always read the instructions that come with the head collar. Designed by Dr. Roger. Mugford, the Halti. Harness has a unique patented front attachment system that controls the dog from his chest and shoulders; an. Step by step guide to fitting a Gentle LeaderĀ® You can use this page to learn how to fit the Gentle LeaderĀ®. Alternatively click on the link below to download a.

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How to use a Halti head collar; easy ways for success

Therefore acting as a temporary muzzle which is useful if you have a feisty fido Despite the many benefits of using a Halti head collar, there are also some potential downsides that you should be aware of which include; It can take some dogs a long time to get used to wearing one which increases stress on walks Getting a Halti fitted correctly is essential.

However as with all training material, when used correctly the Halti head collar is safe. Alternating pressure between the two points of contact will enable you to both steer into the chosen direction and decrease your dog’s speed.

Using both hands, take up your lead to a comfortable length so that it is short enough to control your dog without being tight. Some may even instuctions choke chains or pinch collars to exert their authority over their pet.

How to use a Halti head collar; easy ways for success – Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit

You should always have the HALTI with you so that you can refit it at any time the dog reverts to pulling. So be patient with your dog. If you are introducing your dog to a head collar for the first time, make it a rewarding experience for your dog. Not only that but if you are on the small side and your dog is large you will have very little control if your dog decides they want to investigate something.

Often these injuries remain undetected your dog cannot tell you and the dog may suffer for years, possibly developing other behaviour problems as a direct result. Teach your dog to leave the house calmly; If your dog is very reactive at the presentation of the lead, then you need to desensitise him to this, before you attempt to leave the house if you cannot even walk out of the door without your dog pulling, you have little chance of controlling him around more exciting stimuli!

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Use the hand nearest to your body to control the collar allowing the HALTI to be controlled with the opposite hand.

How to fit the gentle leader | Gentle Leader

Continue with the training as above until your dog is walking calmly on a consistently slack lead on walks. Walk forward with your dog; if he starts to pull forward, immediately apply gentle pressure to the HALTI, turning him slightly towards you. Your dog needs to learn that behaving excitably and pulling actually delays instructionns walk procedure rather than inducing it. The Halti head collar is designed to help prevent your dog from pulling while walking. Often frustrated owners resort to hard ‘checks’ on the dog’s delicate throat area.

But it will certainly help you to do that. Not only is lead pulling uncomfortable for you but it is also uncomfortable for your dog. However used in the correct way a Halti head collar can provide a number of benefits including.

But with a short investment of time, you can have a dog that is a pleasure to walk. Approach again and pick up the lead, if he remains calm then you can proceed towards the door, if he becomes excitable at any stage and starts to pull forward, simply drop the lead and walk away and ignore him until he is calm.

Following up with a gentle pressure on the collar should give you additional ‘braking’ power. Makes walks much more relaxed for both of you Prevents damage to neck, shoulders and back of both you and your dog Provides small or slight owners much more control over large dogs Comfortable for your dog to wear and non-restrictive.

Following this step by step plan will teach even the most determined puller that this is an unsuccessful way to walk.

You hati see what happens in the video below. Once he does not react to the presence of the lead you are ready to move onto the next step.

Dogs pull because it is a successful behaviour; quite simply they get to where they want to go more quickly. This programme has been developed to teach dogs to walk calmly beside their owners without experiencing haltj or injury, hati the owner to continue to develop a positive relationship whilst retaining control!

Assume your original forward speed as soon as the lead becomes slack. Not only is this exhausting for the handler it is potentially dangerous for the dog. Which means that you can gently steer them in the direction that you instrructions to go. The number one complaint from dog owners is that their dog pulls on a lead. Although many people with small dogs will put up with a certain amount of pulling.


Having two points of attachment not only gives you added security but also maximises your control. Understanding how to instrcutions a Halti head collar is essential for a rewarding and stress-free walk for both you and your dog. Despite the many benefits of using a Halti head collar, there are also some potential downsides that you should be aware of which include.

Halti Head Collar for Dogs

Because of this NEVER use a head collar with a long line or extendable lead You still need to train your dog not to pull. Top tips for using a head collar Always read the instructions that come with the head collar. Continue on your walk as above, praising your dog enthusiastically whenever he achieves the desired walking position. Teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead will take time and patience but is well worth the effort, not only will it be more comfortable for you but it will also make walks more pleasurable for your dog.

Think of it a little like wearing a pair of glasses for the first time.

Once you are able to successfully walk your dog on the collar alone with the HALTI still fittedit is halgi to try without the Halti at instrjctions. One of the most common mistakes that people make when using a head collar is to hold the lead tight. Your dog wants to move forward, a short tug backwards frequently just serves to speed your dog up once they get going again.

This may take several days or even weeks depending on your dog. In that, by pulling, your dog gets to where it wants to go faster.

As the strap runs around the muzzle, a Halti intructions is too large or loose can result in rubbing near the eyes Some dogs become subdued or passive while wearing a Halti There is a small risk that if your dog pulls sharply to the end of the lead, they will strain their neck.