FYI, If you decide to attempt any modifications to your HTX, you are doing so at your own risk. HTX Owners Manual HTX/Albrecht AE Service. Update*** I’m still doing this repair for those who may need it. Here are the specifics. I charge a flat fee of $35 which includes the new mic cord, the. Cat. No. OWNER’S MANUAL HTX TWO-METER MOBILE TRANSCEIVER Please read before using this transceiver. INTRODUCTION Your .

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To disconnect the microphone from the transceiver, turn the met- al ring counterclockwise to loosen it. The factory default is 2 seconds. The HTX displays tF and the transmit frequency. Press and hold PTT. Simply bring your Radio Shack sales slip as proof of purchase date to any Radio Shack store.

Better than 60 dB.

Radio Shack HTX Owner`s manual |

I ended up having to shave down some of the rubber and use a little dish soap to get htx-2552 to fit but afterwards it looked like this.

The default is 20 kHz.

There have been a bunch of them showing up on Ebay thanks to them closing hundreds of RS stores and clearing them out. Slide the microphone onto the microphone holder. If the frequency gap is less than this, the HTX does not scan. Turning the Keytone Beep On and Off.

Index of /k/kb1uif/downloads/Service & User Manuals/Radio Shack/HTX-252

If the frequency is not in a memory, the HTX stores the frequency in the lowest unused memory, then resumes scanning. Contents—lists all sections in the order they appear in the manual.


When you manuwl to a frequency that is normally htx-25 for repeater use, the HTX automatically selects the correct input frequency if you turned on the AS option. I love that radio! Checking Priority Channel 1. Memory Channels Your HTX has 41 memory channels 40 standard memory channels and one calling-frequency memory channel.

Please update your browser! You can also limit incoming reception by setting the Hyx-252 to open the squelch only when someone transmits a subaudible tone you select. Individually Programmable Repeater Offsets —let you program different repeater offset frequencies for each memory, and a default repeater offset for manually-tuned frequencies. Spurious and Harmonic Emissions Frequency Error.

After you select an antenna, follow its mounting instructions. If the fuse frequently blows, there is a problem with the HTX hrx-252 its wiring. Scanning for a Frequency 1. The HTX scans between the lower and upper scan limits. Clearing a Memory Channel You can clear any memory channel except Memory Channel 1 and the manusl memory. Use an 8-ohm communications or PA speaker that can handle 5 or more watts of power such as Radio Shack Cat.

Be sure LOCK on the microphone is set to its leftmost position. If auto-reply is off, you can release PTT after you enter the first digit. To use group calling, every mnual in the group selects the same first three digits as their DTMF page sequence.

Connect the power supply to a source of power. To resume scanning immediately, press MHz. The HTX can even scan a selected range and automatically store active frequencies in unused memory locations. The liquid is a lot easier to get where you want it compared to the paste that sticks to everything!


Press MHz again to return to the previous frequency step. If you want to turn tone squelch on or off, repeatedly press TSQL to manaul the desired tone squelch mode. Tune to the memory channel you want to clear. The setting returns to the default if you change frequencies.

RadioShack / Realistic HTX Specifications |

Check the power connections. To restore the key tone, repeat the procedure. The HTX displays the first configuration menu item. There is one in the thx-252 and one in the connector.

Clearing a Memory Channel. Press The offset frequency and appear. DTMF Memory 0 holds 7 digits.

True FM Modulation—provides a clear, natural-sounding signal. Paypal, Cash, or Check are accepted as payment. Better than 70 dB. Repeater Operation Operation through a repeater, where you transmit on one frequency and receive on another, is called duplex operation. Rotate TUNE or press memory.

Setting the Scan Resume Delay When you set the scan resume condition to cr carrierthe HTX resumes scanning after the carrier drops. Tune to the memory channel you want to enable or disable for scanning. The cable should end in a PL connector.