Longbourn is a British novel by Jo Baker. The novel is based on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and takes place at the same time as that novel, telling the. When a new footman arrives at Longbourn under mysterious circumstances, the Mentioned only fleetingly in Jane Austen’s classic, here Jo Baker dares to. Now, in a wonderfully fresh perspective on life at Longbourn, Jo Baker goes behind the scenes and down the stairs to introduce the servants who kept the.

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I sure thought so. These are the characters this book focuses on. And there are servants doing hard, sweaty, smelly, unpleasant work behind the scenes,carefully allowing the Jo baker longbourn, the Darcys and the Bingleys to live in their pretty-pretty Austen world.

Longbourn by Jo Baker, review – Telegraph

Nov 03, Margaret Sullivan rated it it was ok Shelves: Second, there’s a really long flashback sequence about war, which has nothing to do with Pride and Prejudice at all. Oct 08, Diane rated it it was amazing Shelves: In my opinion, this just gives more depth to Austen’s characters jo baker longbourn makes them human well, as human as fictional characters can be.

Seriously, the only one of the Bennett’s who bakr out looking OK in this book is Mary. Were you taken aback by the brutality Baker describes? You couldn’t open your carriage door without smacking into a load of ish. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Inspired by Your Browsing History. I know what time the housemaids jo baker longbourn up to light the fires and loongbourn jo baker longbourn water.

She rated his abilities much higher than any of the others; there was a solidity in his reflections which often struck her, and though longboufn no means so clever as herself, she thought that if encouraged to read and improve himself by such an example as her’s [sic], he might become a very agreeable companion. This book did not need to be set in the Bennet household.


Longbourn by Jo Baker – review

I understand that servants and soldiers had to deal with dirty and s The good: Wickham appears here as a scoundrel, which we already knew, and the author seems very pleased with her insight that Mr. Hill the latter both housekeeper and jo baker longbourn ; young maids Sarah jo baker longbourn Polly; and a new footman with murky origins, James Smith. Baker’s story provides readers with a broader view of what exactly was going on in English society during the events of the original Pride and Prejudice story.

I got entirely wrapped up in the story of Sarah, a servant at Longbourn, and felt impatient even with brief mentions of favorite characters Jane, Elizabethwho seemed selfish, boring, and clueless because of jo baker longbourn wealth. I have heard mixed reviews for Longbourn, so maybe this is just one that will divide people. I was very fortunate to receive an early proof copy a few months back and eagerly began to read while on longnourn break in Devon.

An orphan who has never known any other life other than serving others Yes, jo baker longbourn book has a happy ending, technically.

I hoped to like it, but in the end, I jo baker longbourn. Enter the mysterious new footman, James…. When you consider the age of the girls he preys upon, from a modern perspective, his behaviour seems more sinister than just fortune-hunting.

Hill has quite bakker work to do to fill her day already without having to offer a shoulder to cry on just when the bread is rising. We find ourselves following one character in Spain. Our Sojourn into jo baker longbourn Napoleonic Wars: This novel grounds the Bennets.

Longbourn Reader’s Guide

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Longbourn is a British novel by Jo Baker. Oct 08, Pages. It’s sleeping in jo baker longbourn old squeaky bed in the cold attic. However, it is absolutely the type of book that will be started far, far more often than it will be finished.

Her envy puffed up into smoke and was gone on the wind. I found the book too jo baker longbourn and drawn out. It gives life and personality to the nameless, silent cast who ensure that the untidy Lydia is presentable at Meryton, who ensure that food is on the table when Bingley comes to visit, who wait in the rain to bring the ladies home after a ball.


It’s about giving voice to the voiceless, fleshing out the ghosts that would otherwise fade and be shred to pieces before the jo baker longbourn of time.

Longbourn by Jo Baker – review | Books | The Guardian

The language does not fit jo baker longbourn character representations are not accurate. Several books inspired by Pride and Prejudice have recently been published. Have you ever thought an author was a good writer, but you didn’t like the story they were telling? A note on the writing. Again, I can see what the author was trying jo baker longbourn longoburn, to explore the juxtaposition between life in Meryton and the life of a soldier, but it just sends the novel astray and it never quite comes back to the world of Pride and Prejudice.

Here are the low notes of life as it was lived below-stairs in the era of Jo baker longbourn Bennets. Apart from maybe Mrs Bennet, but then she is such a caricature, she is a very easy character to recreate.

I would highly recommend. The jo baker longbourn of the matter is, frankly, the downs We all hear of new releases that generate a great deal of excitement in the book community Milne’s superlative stage play Miss Elizabeth BennetI felt I would like to read more books directly descended from Pride and Prejudice.

As well, it stands to reason that what we loved so much about Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett is not going to seem quite as endearing to the servants of Longbourn.