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Folks: I have finished four LMbased amps using Brian Bell’s terrific PCBs and am thrilled with the result. But as I follow the various threads. LM OvertureTM Audio Power Amplifier Series High-Performance 56W Audio Power Amplifier. The is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of. Gainclone amplifiers have VERY few components and this one is based on the National Semiconductor LM IC. The PCBs and components are very simple .

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This gives the stated nine part circuit. Construction of any project described on this site is entirely at the reader’s discretion.

So change of plan, flip the amp over and see its ugly belly. Construction Notes Introduction The model Gaincard from 47 Laboratories is a 25 Watt stereo amplifier about the size of a video cassette, powered by a large external supply.

Needless to say, I solved the problem and everything sounded like I thought it should. Noise was below the resolution of the scope.

Moving magnet phono pre-amplifier – 2. Commercial use is strictly prohibited except by the express written permission from Rohit Balkishan Dubla. The output waveforms can be both amplitude and frequency modulated. The chipamp was easy as there are almost no parts. Mute switch is a mechanical switch of the output. The only thing that might trip someone up is that it is a good idea to use heat sink grease between the chips and whatever you use to absorb the heat. Like I said earlier, I didn’t believe everyone when they said uF ,m3875 be enough.


This great chip, is a little larger than the size of a thumbnail and can deliver up to 56W RMS continuous with W peaks and it can do this at 0. With many nights of pre-design trials I finally brought it all together.

I figure the amp changed and it was good enough to pretty up and do a few modifications. I’m hard to please and always looking for new things to try in audio.

LM3875 Gainclone Amplifier

If it involves a DIY project, all the better. The rest is a simple matter of deduction. In short excellent, as the scope traces see photos demonstrate. The transformers hummed and so did the amplfier outputs. Lk3875 note that I will be using the component numbering used here throughout this page, so refer back to this diagram as needed. Well in short, glue smokes like crazy when you try to solder through it. When driven by my solid state Velleman preamp the amp was detailed and accurate.

The case was MUCH more time consuming and difficult to make though. Lm875 used the optional Ci capacitor in the national datasheet for the IC which reduced it to between mV: In general, though, the capacitors affected the sound more than the resistors, the diodes more than the capacitors, and the transformer most of all.


56W Audio Power Amplifier Using LM – Circuit Ideas I Projects I Schematics I Robotics

The actual layout of the circuit board could be something like this: Hint; use the glue after ml3875 have soldered the connections. The schematic for The Nanoo is shown below in Figure The following is a suggested layout-schematic for the power supply: Very clean presentation and lots of impact.


This will provide 25 wpc with LMs. This is a basic design with a single LMTF chip per side, and one shared toroidal transformer. From stereophile Z in data.

I would recommend VA as the absolute minimum transformer rating for stereo operation, with VA being a good compromise between cost and performance.

This result is shown below: With the transformer and capacitors that I have used, the LM sounds as good as any other “standard” or discrete power amplifier. I had a suitable transformer that didn’t make it into another project, so off we go. I’m kind of a minimalist in some ways. I got lm3785 aluminium panels cut at a sheet metal shop as I cant make straight cuts with a hack saw. Headphone amplifier is small enough to fit in Altoids tin box, and lm38875 to low power consumption may be supplied from a single 9V battery.

In the years since this started, power op-amps have become a major part of the DIY scene with dozens of different circuits and hundreds if not thousands of builders worldwide. Arduino Prototype uses all standard through-hole components for easy construction, two of which are l3875 underneath IC socket.