Namak Ka Daroga (Hindi Edition) नमक का दारोगा eBook: Munshi Premchand: : Kindle Store. Last weekend, I picked up the short story ‘Namak ka Daroga’ by Munshi Premchandji. This was the first book I read by Premchandji. Though written in the British. 12 Dec Hindi/Urdu story Namak Ka Daroga written by Munshi Premchand and read by Anurag Sharma.

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Book Review: Namak Ka Daroga by Munshi Premchand

That namak ka daroga in you had arrested me on the strength of your authority, but today I have come of my own to be arrested by you. Satwant Tiwana rated it really liked it Aug 21, Connect with Us Facebook Twitter Instagram. Son, you well understand our sad plight.

Unexpectedly one fine day, Pundit Alopodin arrives at his home and offers him the position of manager of his wealth namak ka daroga in perks like bungalow, servants xaroga other benefits.

Do take some trouble, dear friend! Many crooked ways were invented: His old mother was also unhappy. Raingirl rated it liked it Namak ka daroga in 19, Please forgive me for the disrespect I showed you. Prem Chand believes that Artha should subordinate itself to Dharmafor that is the only solution namak ka daroga in the problems of corruption, injustice and greed. Unknown April 15, at The protagonist comes from a very humble background.


He remembers what his father had said to him: Though his father told him to accept bribe, he preferred to remain an honest man, an honest officer.

But that is how it looks. I have to get hold namak ka daroga in more Premchand stories now. After this sermon the father gave his blessings. The blueumbrella is so much beautiful that soon it becomes a topic of conversation for villagers and children adore her umbrella so much that every time they feel like to touch or hold it. He had been rewarded for performing nama duty.

Namak Ka Daroga

Binya is a poor little girl living with her mother and namak ka daroga in elder brother, Bijju, in a very small hilly village of Garhwal.

A horse to ride, and a bungalow to live, and servants! Paperback32 pages. What happened to him afterwards?

Namak ka daroga in are under a heavy debt. Tell me how I have erred that the carts have been stopped. But since he had an auspicious start, he was appointed to the post of salt inspector as soon as he had stepped out.

When Vanshidhar read what was written on the paper his eyes were filled with tears out of gratefulness. Please read my comments after the story here. But the most important, fascinating namak ka daroga in debatable issue in this story is its ending. Pandit Alopidin had unshakable faith in the goddess Lakshmi. He was the contemporary writer of that colonial India when the cinema used to run in black and white. Simplicity is hard to findthis is a masterpiece by Munshi Premchand Ji ; a simple short story of a modest personwith truth as weapon always read fight the wrongs namak ka daroga in, the protagonist is portrayed and his honesty and modesty finally pays him.


नमक का दरोगा

Namak ka daroga in it is difficult to tame one who does not need any favour. He expected him to take bribe and be rich, but he did just the opposite. Namak ka daroga in am a brahmin and shall not go away until you agree to this.

It’s his deepest desire to join Circus folk. This was the plain truth. I have also been in service and was not holding any rank, but I worked and worked hard.