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The solutions at various stages are then integrated toobtain the final outcome. Thus, owners must bevery concerned with quality of the finished product as as the cost of construction itself.

From the viewpoint of project management, the terms owner and sponsor aresynonymous because both have the ultimate authority to make all important decisions. Since operation and maintenance of afacility will go on long after completion acceptance of a project, it is usually treated as a separateproblem except in the consideration of the life cycle cost of facility.

Too the industry tethered to the past, partly by and partly by historicdivisions Ce cio part ii v2 3 Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and pmbook.ce.cmuedu. real estate developer may be regarded as the sponsor of building projects, much asa government agency may be the sponsor of a public project and turns it over to another government unitupon its completion.

And itbehooves all in the process to heed the interests of owners because, in the end, it is theowners who provide the resources and call the shots. However, if we to make meaningful improvements, first understand the construction industry, its operating environment and the institutionalconstraints its activities as well as the nature of project

The owner may choose todecompose the entire process into more or less stages based on the size and of the pmbook.ce.cmu.eru, andthus obtain the most efficient result in implementation.

With the exception the speculative housing market, where the units may besold as built by the real estate developer, most constructed facilities are custom in consultationwith the owners.

After the construction is completed, there isusually brief period of start-up or shake-down of the constructed facility when it is first occupied. In the United States, for example, the U. It is to their advantage to keep the construction industry healthy and productive. In making choices, owners should be concerned withthe life cycle costs constructed facilities rather than simply the initial construction costs.


From the perspective of an owner, the project life for a constructed facility may be illustratedschematically in Figure Essentially, a project is conceived to meet market demands or needs in atimely fashion.

In the procurement and construction stage, the delivery of and the erection of theproject on site must be carefully planned and controlled. The price of every factory, office building,hotel or power plant that is built affects the price that must be charged for the goods orservices produced in it or by it. After scope of the is clearly defined, detailed engineering design willprovide the blueprint for construction, and the definitive cost estimate will serve as the baseline for costcontrol.

Please download to get full document. Some of the stagesrequire iteration, and may be carried out in parallel or with overlapping time frames, dependingon the nature, size urgency of the project. Page 2 of Management for Construction: We Need Your Support. By examining thePage 3 of 21Project Management for Construction: It is for the to be aware of the approach which is mostappropriate and beneficial for a particular project. be sure, each specialty has made important advances in developing newtechniques and tools for efficient of construction projects. Sincefacility operation and maintenance is a part of the project life cycle, the owners’ expectation to objectives during the project cycle will require consideration of the cost of operation andmaintenance.

It is particularly in the interest of owners to insure that such problems do not occur. This process is often very complex; however, it can be decomposed into several asindicated by the general outline in Figure Although each stage requires different expertise, it usually includes bothtechnical and managerial activities the knowledge domain of the

Specialized knowledge can be verybeneficial, particularly in large and complicated projects, since experts various specialties can providevaluable services. In the private sector, many large firms such as DuPont, Exxon, and IBM areadequately staffed to carry out most activities for plant expansion. The Owners’ Perspective 1. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us.

Various possibilities may be considered in the planning stage, and thetechnological and economic feasibility of each alternative will be assessed and compared in order toselect best possible project.


We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. Examining development environments of elite English Football Academies: you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. Waste, excessive cost and delays can result from poor and communication amongspecialists.

However, it is through theunderstanding of the entire of project that specialists can respond moreeffectively to the owner’s desires for their services, in marketing their specialties, and in improving theproductivity and quality of their 01 the Owners’ Perspective

The introduction of innovative and more effective management for construction is not anacademic exercise. Improvement of project management not only can aid the construction industry, but may also be theengine for national and world economy.

The schemes for the proposed alternatives must also beexamined, and the project will be programmed with respect to the timing for its completion and foravailable cash flows. Understandably, owners choose to handle some of the work in-house and tocontract outside professional services other of the work as needed.

Page 4 of 21Project Management for Construction: And that effect generally persists for decades Furthermore, an owner have in-house capacities tohandle the work in every stage of the entire, or it may seek professional advice and services ; work in stages.

Dieta de Slabit Cu Calori Dec 18, Since an owner isessentially acquiring a facility on a promise in some of agreement, it will be wise for any owner tohave a clear understanding of the acquisition process in order to maintain firm control of the and cost of the completed facility.

Therefore, the facility’s operating management should also be considered as early, just as the construction process should kept in mind at the early of planning andprogramming.

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We are always happy to assist you. Saving smallamounts of money during construction may not be worthwhile if the result is larger operatingcosts or not meeting the functional requirements for the new facility satisfactorily.

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