Pyramids of Montauk has 71 ratings and 2 reviews. Cornissa said: Pyramids of Montauk unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point and its select location for p. The discovery of ancient pyramids at Montauk leads to a connection with Ancient Egypt and its position as a gateway to other dimensions. Like a psychic. Dear Lee, never heard of it but here is a list of sites that may give you some overviews. Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations In Consciousness; Nichols, Insight.

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Now I realized that Preston’s assertion that he was a Wilson, was not simply be dismissed out of hand, just as his general credibility. In addition, it showed that the forces which produced the Montauk Project, were deeply rooted in the occult.

Pyramids of Montauk : Peter Moon :

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. To help you understand this metaphor, I must first present the MERU Foundation, a research group, which brings out-lost knowledge again, that was available until now only the initi-ated pyramisd mystery schools.

This would be a gigantic task. Montauk Revisited Peter Moon. When they boarded the Montauk Lighthouse during a tour, she noticed a very unusual thing to the state park rocky.

Pyramids of Montauk

The Matinnecocks lived on the western Long Iceland and in parts of New Jersey, and their totem animal was the turkey. Apparently they had no relevant information, but they seemed somehow to have their own opinions. She mentioned a name, but I can not remember him. We can not cover all the programs and teaching systems of the various mystery schools all over the world here, of course.

Pyramids of Montauk : Explorations in Consciousness

A state park police officer had said he must remain outside the fence, of concluding the area. Danny said that the circular structure would be exactly like a particle accelerator. It reminded me of a conversation I had six months earlier led to her curren-end which she spoke about the connection between Mars and Motauk. Surprisingly, Danny identified the man who was guarding the radar.


After many years of montaku, human thoughts could be caught by the esoteric crystal receivers and relayed to a computer that was able to save the thoughts as bits.

Terrilynn rated it it was amazing Nov 12, Healer’s Handbook Stewart Swerdlow. Share your thoughts with other customers. He wanted the State Park Commission establishes a pyramidw from it.

The bushes were maintained, but not too much. There was also noise between the Montauks and her lawyer. With one small exception his predictions were absolutely correct. While in Montauk a fascinating web of intrigue was discovered, which is unique in many ways, but most were barely conclusions.

Preston moved closer and spoke with one of the men. And what in the world had to look for a private company Cardion on state park property? Without mentioning his own ordeal with Montauk, Preston took Duncan out to Montauk and was surprised to discover that he knew the entire layout of the base and remembered working there. These have already been mentioned, they had Preston told he must remain outside the inner fence. So we were still montzuk a hundred yards away, drove two cars in front of the plant.

Shortly after this confrontation Preston got glimpses of a life in which he had been so far not aware of it. In the fall of and the summer of Preston and I each have a blitz that led pyrwmids to radio stations across America made. After this incident Danny, John tried to call but heard nothing from him for six months. He did not exactly sure to be eager to leave the possession of the Montauk Indians. However, it is too large to have been transported-forth on an ancient ship.

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Their placement on sacred Native American ground opens the door to an unprecedented investigation of the mystery schools of Earth and their connection to Egypt, Atlantis, Mars and the star Sirius. According to the accounts of both Preston and Montaui, the Montauk Project culminated on August 12, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

According to an old legend, a member of the Montauk Nation, whose reputation and whose life was squandered because of a criminal act broken fled to this place, where he put his foot on a rock and from there jumped into a valley which opens, which took him.

After years of empirical research, time portals were opened pyramidw massive and outrageous experiments being conducted. If any part of this was true disinformation disinformation is always mixed with truths, if it is performed correctlythen it probably was the finding that the radar could detect barium. Pyramids of Montauk unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point and its select location for pyramids and time travel experimentation.

I asked Bob what was it, and he said he would never monatuk any accused someone. Much to my surprise, she informed me that her real name wasn’t Cameron at all.