Periodic Tales by Hugh Aldersey-Williams Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard P. Rumelt Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set by Brandon Sanderson Take the Stairs. Despite Rumelt’s lofty reputation in this crowded field, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy is his first book aimed at a general audience and only his second as a sole. 19 Jun This experience prompted me to read “Good Strategy. Bad Strategy” which was first published by Richard Rumelt in Two main questions.

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Clear, logical, easy to follow, with good examples. Similarly, making strategic choices and deciding on tradeoffs is often very tricky and painful. Jul 23, From the author’s forty years experience as a research, teacher at UCLA and as a consultant, he brings on stratehy of wisdom on ways to formulating good strategies and staying away from bad richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy. It is simple in its generic components, yet infinitely complex and challenging when formulated in a world of constraints and competition.

As highlighted in the book, take rumwlt observation of Harvard professor General Georges F.

The primary reason, as Rumelt highlights, is that bad strategy trumps analysis, logic and choice, with people hoping that they can avoid these often gnarly fundamentals and any issues goid overcoming them. The surprise of it, and the general rarity of such good strategy, is because such focus requires disciplining the competing strateby, ambitions and desires of units within an organisation here the army, navy and air force. Richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy 01, Ryan Phung rated it it was amazing Shelves: For fully internalizing the main takeaways, I probably will have to read the book twice.

His practical and action focused approach, and the core distinction between good and bad strategy are powerful and useful. Nevertheless, it’s a good book for everyone dealing with planning and strategy in their job and, dare I richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy, even sgrategy your personal life you might find some things useful.

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I rumelh got it on Audible. Skim the second but read the Nvidia example in the last chapter of the section as it serves as an excellent summary.

Book review: “Good Strategy. Bad Strategy” – MAA1 – Medium

There is a great breakdown of the bottling industry. Mar 30, Javier Recuenco rated it it was amazing. This review first appeared on “Defense Innovator” http: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Strategy rifhard “how”, not “what” it could be the author’s richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy, but he does have a pedigree, so For Rumelt, the heart of good strategy is insight into the hidden power in any situation, and into an appropriate response ricjard whether launching a new product, fighting a war or putting a man on the moon.

Bottom line, there are good strategies and bad strategies.

The remaining rmelt sections, whilst interesting and containing useful ideas, are less vital. California Sunday just did a profile on the nut farmer just as I was reading this. The value of the book comes from Rumelt’s break-down of business school cases.

From the Hardcover edition. Rumelt is surly and arrogant. Some of the themes will be well recognized by students of strategy: Articles Videos Blog All topics.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters

It is very empty, lack of concrete content, just examples piled up with abstract rumelf. Return to Richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy Page. Jan 23, Marrije rated it it was amazing Shelves: The third section meanders into a discussion of the financial crisis, which doesn’t really tie effectively back into his main argument.


These articles alternatively argue that the US needs to embrace complexity, focus on the homefront, rebalance to face rising peer competitors, brace for multiple challenges, richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy focus on a handful of known challenges, or to focus on domestic issues before starting on new foreign policy crusades.

He defines the thesis in a section that criticizes The Power of Positive Thinking. Good strategy isn’t just what you are trying to do; it’s also why and how you are doing it. A related strategy would describe some of the key challenges to overcome in order to achieve the vision.

Book review: “Good Strategy. Bad Strategy”

I suggest skippi An insightful but long-winded exploration of effective strategy. Many of these forms of bad strategy do nothing more than avoid the hard choices that come from living in a world of constraints. The barbs he slings at ‘bad’ strategists are hilarious.

Very practical and applicable. Highly recommended for all organizations. I have a lot more notes, but I don’t think this is worth the time to transcribe them. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare.

About half the book dis Fairly standard corporate strategy fare. Rumelt accuses Cornell University of bloviating, but doesn’t richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy his acerbic lens to a mirror. The book eschews a formula and template approach to strategy and instead uses stories and lessons to richqrd its points. And that is disingenuous. Mar 01, Jon Mertz rated it it was amazing.