Methodical Bible Study: A New Approach to Hermeneutics · Robert Angelo Traina Snippet view – QR code for Methodical Bible Study. Now you can learn how to be a successful scriptural detective with your Methodical Bible Study! Robert Traina’s classic text meets the serious Bible student’s. Methodical Bible Study has ratings and 20 reviews. Rod said: This book isn’t for everyone. I first read it in seminary and found it quite engaging. I.

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I really like this approach of looking at scripture inductively and using the studg of Biblical interpretation before looking at commentaries. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Methodical Bible Study – Robert A. Traina – Google Books

We need to apply those same principles of observation to Scripture. A great movie will be remembered for a long time. We build up an understanding of how God wants us to behave, which forms the basis of ethics ; and so on. Very practical, well laid out material on studying the Bible in a systematic, methodical way. Methodical Bible Study Robert A.

Christian colle Inductive study compares related Bible texts in order to let the Bible interpret itself, rather than approaching Scripture with predetermined notions of what it will say.


Nov 16, Kelly Belvis rated it really liked it. Many people approach the Bible subjectively, interpreting Scriptures in their own triana.

Then he began to see countless details which he had overlooked before. On the other hand, not everything in the Bible is meant to have equal importance. The professor returned and asked him what he saw, and he recited a number of facts.

Methodical Bible Study

The Bible is historical, of course, but it is much more; it is history with a spiritual purpose. We should wrestle with them, not overlook or dismiss them. Those things are tools, not an end in themselves. Thinking about what details have been omitted sometimes helps to reveal the structure. Every serious student of the Bible has been wrong about something.

It encourages the serious Bible student to practice the best kind of hermeneutic, which allows the Word of God to speak for itself. Helpful though it is academic and, not surprisingly, methodical. Atmosphere is the underlying tone or spirit of a passage: Others will seem impossibly hard.

Jun 08, Jason Marianna rated it liked it. In our personal Bible study, this is usually the weakest link. By its very nature deduction tends to be subjective and prejudicial.

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Now comes the really hard part. A Bibliocentric View Herbert W.

What is implied by a particular structure? Perhaps God intentionally wrote it that way to keep us from thinking that we figured it all out. The book assists the reader in studyy how to approach the Bible without presuppositions. Inductive Bible study should be literary. After a while, he brought out another fish, and then another.

(This presentation is based on Methodical Bible Study by Robert A

One should have a clear, well defined attitude toward the Bible, knowing what we believe about it and why. The Bible is an objective body of literature; it contains objective robret and truth waiting to be discovered. Very few people have the expertise to handle the original Hebrew or Greek with authority or improve upon the existing translations. In other words, Dr.