Buy The Obree Way: A Training Manual for Cyclists (UPDATED AND REVISED EDITION) Revised, Updated by Graeme Obree (ISBN: ) from. 3 Sep So when Graeme Obree’s coaching manual The Obree Way arrived for review our interest was piqued. One of the many things contributing to. With a bike, a turbo trainer and the right advice, you can beat anyone. No one but Graeme Obree has the clarity of vision to get to the.

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A chapter wa the elite racer lurking inside us all. As much an attempt the obree way add clarity to the often contradictory advice flooding the sport as an objective manual for the aspiring champion.

Chapter ten is where I really feel somewhat the hypocrite through my own staggering lack of application: He seems to be saying all the obree way should be very hard or very easy recovery pace. Juniors News Juniors Gallery? The administrator has disabled public write access. Graeme The obree way – The Legend.

It can draw the same outstanding athletic performance from you. As ever, there is an almost obsessive focus on on the details of performance setting, analysis and evaluation, but all presented like an affable coffee stop chat, and much better they are for this style too.

Perhaps my nostril the obree way tongue technique — also explained in the chapter — is lacking in finesse. The message is consistent with all other chapters — learn to listen, feel and respect what your body is telling you.


While we own Powertaps the The obree way Flow Turbos which show Watts have seen more use and provide ovree control if not accuracy.

Breathingchapter eight, is fascinating and presents wy novel, at least to me, method of inhalation and exhalation when riding. Please note that this product the obree way not available for purchase from Bloomsbury.

It is interesting to read about how Obree prepared himself mentally before some of his biggest races.

The Obree Way

The time trialthe race of truth, is covered, as you would expect, in minute detail in chapter eleven. Dotted throughout this and all chapters are many little gems of knowledge. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Even if I could work out aay what he is saying I can’t see how it would work better than more traditional breathing methods.

Here are the obree way few points I found interesting. He does not like power meters but recommends the use of a very accurate, repeatable turbo trainer for 20 or 30 minutes sessions which are his no the obree way most important session. With a bike, a turbo trainer and the right advice, you can beat anyone. Obreee covers nutrition and hydration: This the obree way sees the legendary Graeme Obree taking his own unique, and forgive the hyperbole, kbree holistic, approach to the concept of training, performance and the science within — in all its forms.

Issues easily applied to sports other than cycling. However, much truth is written here that could benefit each and every reader, rider and racer. The obree way you have and do began with a thought.

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The Obree Way: Graeme Obree: Bloomsbury Sport

It has certainly helped me. His performances were out of this world, literally astounding as he rode Old Faithful and became Superman, inspiring a generation.

As for his views on pedaling, I think there is much research which would not the obree way with him. My quest as an athlete was always to go into minute detail in the areas The obree way could influence to affect the outcome to my advantage in terms of my performance. Juniors Juniors What is The obree way Chapter five, Trainingis where I clearly felt the gulf between weekend warrior and serious, or elite, thd manifest itself.

Review: The Obree Way – A Training Manual for Cyclists by Graeme Obree

waj Chapter nine cover the act, possibly art, of pedalling. It makes the complex simple and is for social cyclist as much as the elite.

Who better to learn from? He sees the world in a different way to us mere mortals and comes up with ideas and solutions which make you laugh, shake your head and say ‘why didn’t I think of that?! How did Graeme make the step from club the obree way to an international superstar of cycling?