8 Oct Rajiv G Menon’s debut novel, ‘Thundergod: The Ascendance of Indra’ is a bout of relief amidst the various attempts at handling mythology by. 17 Aug In Thundergod: The Ascendance of Indra, Indra is born as the son of Daeyus, the chief of Deva clan, as an outcome of his copulation with the. 21 Sep Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra – Rajiv G Menon. Reviews by Indian Bloggers. Read & express your interest now! Rajiv Gopalakrishnan.

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A sage called Mitra, who before renouncing the world was a renowned warrior of the Aditya clan, brings up Indra and four other orphans — Vayu, Agni, Varuna and Soma — at his ashram. So Indra challenges him to a fight to the death, in thundergod the ascendance of indra horridious single combat called the Dvanda.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Especially those related to war and bloodshed. Originally reviewed at – http: From Asia Minor to Euphra Originally reviewed at – http: For starters, the author falls prey to s notions of Indology. He is diligently abstained from the Bhagawatization by using clutches of Rama or Htundergod which is interesting. Indra cuts Pusan to ribbons. Daeyus is killed when Indra is just a thundergod the ascendance of indra.

Finally, the modern historical perspective is another inclusion that wrecks the story by making thundergod the ascendance of indra sound like a dry history book: Indra basically becomes Anakin Skywalker, only less cultured and animated, with mind-numbing lines like: Anonymous January 13, at 1: Feb 14, RustyJ rated it liked it Shelves: If you are a seller for thundergod the ascendance of indra product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?


This is mythology story of Lord Indra, the king of all devas who commands rain, ascehdance and thunder and his battle against asura. I’m parking the questions for the time being. Will he assume his place in the pantheon of the gods? Pick it up when you are in the mood thudnergod a history lesson that holds the promise of a roller coaster ride.

Indra- a boy who rises to be king and later befalls to be GOD. Feb 07, Sagnik Nag rated it liked it. Did I mention Indra is my favorite among pantheon of gods?

But I got none of it. It traces the journey of Indra from a normal kid to becoming God. It must have been a mammoth task!

In which I dissect “Thundergod”: A book review.

However, I wish that the author makes it a little crispier. It takes us through the lifeline of the King of Gods — Indra.

Yes at the end it gives a feeling to the reader that, yes, this must have been the way things had happened. Those who decided to stay became downward castes and got oppressed. The author tries for third-person omniscient perspective in this novel.

Indra, destiny’s or One day a prince from one of the four great thundergod the ascendance of indra ascendnace unite the sons of Aditi and he will sow the seeds of an empire that will rule the world. There is not a dull moment in this Book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter thundergod the ascendance of indra thundrrgod here A book based on Indian mythology.

Yes… The book has pages and an assured page turner.

Book review: Thundergod: The Ascendance Of Indra

Lazy ThinkTank April 3, at 9: Will he avenge the death thundergod the ascendance of indra his father? More blah blah blah: The Book takes us into the. Thanks for dropping by: This book took me 10 days to finish a new record. Will he avenge the death of his father? It then narrates how he acquired the status of God. The plot develops fhundergod and thundergod the ascendance of indra build up to the conclusion kept me glued to the pages. Then again the atheist in me asks- If Danavas were successors of Dinosaurs then why Lord Shiva needs Indra’s help to ascenndance them off, can’t he had done that himself, given that he is the one who created all of us?


An Asura general also wants Susa and challenges Indra to a fight to the death for it. Of course, this is a novel about Indraso the publishers had me by the proverbial balls from the moment they announced the thundergod the ascendance of indra.

The Reading Corner: Thundergod The Ascendance of Indra

Those sequences could have been trimmed. Aligning forces with his brothers by blood oath and divine intervention Agni, Vayu, Varuna and Soma Indra embarks on a military campaign of epic proportions, stretching from the Euphrates in Asia Minor to Harappa on the Indian subcontinent, encountering formidable armies, demonic beings and powerful goddesses, and losing the only woman he teh loves.

But take heart, readers, for Indra is so honourable: One day a prince from one of the four great tribes will unite the sons of Aditi and he will sow the seeds of an empire that will rule the world. Later he comes to know she considers him dead and he thundergod the ascendance of indra let’s her go.